Monday, February 20, 2012

ME: Someone needs to volunteer to be the "tall guy" Mike Rutherford so we can do the "I Can't Dance" dance through Sam's Club. I don't know which one of us would be Tony Banks or Phil Collins, though.

CASEY: I guess I'll be Tony Banks since you might possibly look more like Phil... hard to tell. I'll think of a few ideas for Mike Rutherford though.

ME: Yeah, I think watching this video again I could totally see my 20 years older Dan The Serious Businessman character not far off from Phil Collins. Getting rejected by a woman in favor of an iguana is also something that would totally happen to Dan, heh. 53 years old and still single without a mate! But yeah, it's a shamme I'm not close to 6'3” like Mike – in reality I'm probably more like him than any other Genesis member, with the possible exception of Steve Hackett.

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