Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I really should write a song called “Complicated Brain” that can be summarized between two characters this way:
Derek: “I'm perfectly content with living a solitary day-to-day lifestyle and being completely uninterested in dating and marriage.”
Amy: “You are making a freaking enormous mistake by having this sort of antisocial mentality and not getting your emotions out there a lot more, you pathetic waste of life. All your quirks are also completely retarded BTW.”
What I find ironic is that being in the presence of really happy, energetic girls is what tends to trigger those bad “Amy” thoughts, in which this character attacks my brain periodically and tries to come up with as many reasons why I might be a horrible person as possible. Is one of them lying, or do they both have a point? That's the question...
Also watch out for Eric, who decides to act like a sarcastic asshole at completely inappropriate times, Bobby, who wants to build creative projects by obsessively plagiarizing other people and throwing their work into a different context and Gary, who would rather surf the internet and sleep than do anything productive.

Oh yeah, also Dan the Serious Businessman, who is comically honest and literal to the point of annoyance, and Jack, the old, outdated guy who hates bookstore children. My multiple personalities are so much fun! 

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