Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talking about our fictional characters with Casey Brennan:
ME: Amy tries to be Gretchen Lohse ut fails.
CASEY: Asperger's Andy tries to be an alien and he succeeds.
Gretchen replying to that Facebook post:
GRETCHEN: I like that in some world, it is easier to be an alien than it is to be me.
ME: I would think so... you're ridiculously amazing. If I ever get around to writing my 15 characters series, my dysfuctional couple Amy and Eric would go to a lot of Paper Masques shows and hound you and Steve. Amy possibly has her second child in between the sets of Gemini Wolf and Language Problem on April 28th.
GRETCHEN: Aw, well that's pretty flattering! I can only hope that I go into labor during an awesome show some day. You'll have to send me your series when you get to finishing it!  

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