Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Uh oh, I'm attempting to get back on OKStupid again. Sense of humor and honesty are supposedly the big important qualities, right? You're probably asking for trouble on those fronts when dealing with me, heh. *crosses fingers*

I'm probably asking for trouble. I've avoided relationships because I'm a solitary person and terrified of my weirdness being put too much under a microscope. But my sentimental side is going to waste, and I need some good way to push myself out of the house and live life more. Being either *way* more obsessive or apathetic than the average person in just about every area of life sucks. Surely there's some train wreck out there like me. Everyone seems too normal.

Oh, and it's definitely very within me to overinflate the awesomeness of girls I like in any way. "Honesty" kind of goes out the window there. It would be nice if my fear of not wanting to come off as a stalker or something did, too.

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