Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just came back from an epic 10 game bowling match against Casey Brennan tonight where both of us played under a different character name each game. The scores were as follows:
Derek (Nick) 124, Clipper (Casey) 83
Detailed Darryl (Casey) 128, Eric (Nick) 77
Dan the Serious Businessman (Nick) 111, Mistaken Matthew (Casey) 110
Bobby the Robber (Nick) 124, Sensible Alan (Casey) 88
Thomas From Peru (Casey) 114, Psycho Paul (Nick) 91
Bad Boy (Casey) 97, Hurricane Nick (Nick) 92
Mr. White (Casey) 116, Mr. Green (Nick) 99
Chester A. Arthur (Nick) 136, Mr. Henderson (Casey) 119
Ron Mael (Nick) 142, Russell Mael (Casey) 111
Asperger Andy (Casey) 122, Gary Demon (Nick) 120
TOTAL: Nick 1116, Casey 1088

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