Monday, October 19, 2015

Looks like The Accidental Flash totally killed it in fantasy football for me this week leading the league with 133.24 points, and that was with Philip Rivers' 28.12 points on the bench. DeAndre Hopkins - 26.80, DeMarco Murray - 18.30, the Eagles defense - 19, Brandon Marshall - 15.10, Russell Wilson - 18.94, DeMayrius Thomas - 11.10... not bad at all.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I also wish I could retroactively go back in time and ask myself every day what my day rating would be at the end. If I had to guess, I'm suspecting 1991 would be the so called best year of my life and 1997 would be the worst. 2015 is kind of becoming a top 5 contender for the worst at this point. I'm LONG overdue for a top 5 best. 
I keep thinking about what my pick for the greatest year in music was ever since WXPN started that poll, and doing a quick rough count of albums I would give a high 8/10 or better to (or at least did when I went through listening to my whole collection in 2010-11), it looks like my gut was right about 1971, with 1967 and 1969 pretty much tied for second, it seems. Not positive if '71 has any of my top 20 (though Who's Next might make the bottom end of it), though wow.. it seems to have the biggest volume of excellent albums, and probably quite a few I haven't discovered yet.