Monday, December 7, 2015

So that Deerhunter show turned into quite the interesting train wreck (in a good, fun way) near the end. When I was first getting into them shortly after Halcyon Digest came out, I assumed Bradford Cox would be one of those super quiet introvert frontmen that didn't say much onstage, but OH WOW would that insanely rambling 20-30 minute segment of stage banter in between the final encore songs (the last of which, "Monomania", was a request where he spent several minutes trying to figure out the right chords) prove my 2011 self wrong, haha. I'm still trying to process all that and I'm glad I recorded it. Fun show overall. Also, between the main Deerhunter set and Bradford's solo Atlas Sound set, every effects pedal ever invented must have been used.

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