Monday, September 5, 2016

Another silly dream on Paxil: I was in some study hall where we could do whatever we want, and I brought in a couple Modern Family episodes to watch. It's a show that's rarely super GREAT, but pretty much always reliably at least good or very good, and the striving super hard to be cool real estate agent dad Phil Dunphy is never not entertaining. I guess in this alternate universe, though, one of the episodes I decided to watch in front of people was this extremely boring "experimental" thing with a bunch of dialogue that went nowhere and included pointless animated characters in it as well. After a couple people around me complained about how terrible it was, one of which may have been a message board poster I've never met in person, I looked up the episode rating on IMDb and it got a 2.9 out of 10 - I apparently didn't know that rating in advance but my OCD self in real life most definitely would. The next episode in this fantasy season conveniently scored a 9.4. Talk about inconsistency! 

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