Friday, October 28, 2016

A procrastinator tells a tale
Of a time when all he wanted was sleep all day
And he lays around just knowing he's not okay, his mind's away
All he's structured for is watching TV
Shows like Game Of Thrones, Daredevil and House to see
BoJack Horseman, Parks And Rec and Six Feet Under and South Park

Why, why??? Can I never fill in my time
I would kill for an answer
I... I... should be using Buddhify and doing more exercise
I'll waste my life and die... in space
My face retains the creepy old green mask it wore

A dusty table, toilet smells
CD's sitting there discarded on spinning shelves
And there's only french toast, bagels and hamburgers and not much else
No guests come over, no one's left their mark
I'm alone in here, now only the ants hold sway
And the introvert finds out that he's not okay, the only way...


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