Thursday, October 6, 2016

Here's a Throwback Thursday to a January 7, 2010 spy machine car ride conversation snippet to Johnny Brenda's featuring Jeremy Fried and Casey Brennan, since that's where I'm going for a show tonight:
JEREMY: Oh hey, did you know I have the book of useless information, which is awesome? I love useless information. But Andrew Jackson could write in Greek with his right hand and Latin with his left hand …. all at the same time.
CASEY: Oh man. Andrew Jackson, he was nuts.
JEREMY: He used to invite people over to the White House to get hammered all the time and just have parties left and right. And he was like a real badass guy. If you ever pissed him off, he'd be like one of those guys that'd be like, “What?!? Fuck you, man!”
CASEY [laughs]: Exactly how Andrew Jackson talked.
JEREMY: Well, that's not how he talked. But that's like, the attitude he had towards people if they pissed him off.
ME: What was the 1800's equivalent of “fuck you, man?”
JEREMY: I don't know, let me think about that.
ME: I think the middle finger was invented by then.
CASEY: It was probably like, “I'll castrate you!” Oh man... I don't know... I wonder what it would be.
JEREMY: It would most likely be something along the lines of, uh, “If you want to quarrel, let's quarrel” or something like that. It would sound really really, like, polite. "Are you instigating a quarrel between us?"

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