Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's not Thursday, but here's a "throwback" open mic / spy machine post:

Big Brother is still watching over you all, nearly 9 years later.

This was a Facebook post during my "Edirol anthology compiling hermit" period on December 4, 2012, when I finished compiling a 46 CD "boxed set" of what my recorder captured in 2008. Lots of open mic material, conversation banter and retarded half-songs. I've since compiled... umm... almost 300 more discs because I have entirely too much time on my hands. I definitely need to write a book or 12 from my "fly on the wall" perspective, and more overall posts about (as well as sound file excerpts from) my "spy machine". But for now, here's a bit of the Facebook commentary that ensued from this announcement:


BILLY KEKEVIAN (aka I AM NOT THE UNIVERSE): oh. my. gawd. I don't know if I was playing the Fire in 08. I think I might have come in there very late in 08, probably more like late 09

ME: Nope, no I Am Not The Universe at The Fire in 08. If it was late 09, it would had to have been no later than October since The Fire was shut down the last two months.

BILLY KEKEVIAN: Oh, right, than even later than that.

JASON KUHN: i'm surprised there is an absence of many songs that i would expect to have played. burial clothes and isle of the linden trees come to mind... i guess i retired those back then.

ME: "Burial Clothes", "You Might Not Say" and "Isle Of The Linden Trees" I think were played maybe twice each at most the whole year, and I wanted to use versions of those featuring Steve. I generally tried picking one song at a time for each open mic from the regulars, unless there was more than one rarely played/exclusive song in the set, so there wouldn't be an overload of frequent songs used up right away. Those three I definitely think will be on 2009 when I get around to it though. Also, I think this was your "girlfriend" period as well, so you were absent entirely from many open mics. :)

JASON KUHN: haha, yeah i suppose i wasn't much of a "wesley whiner" then.

STEVE QUARANTA: what was I playing in '08??? also, this is ALL I want for Christmas!

ME: Steve Quaranta performances: I'm On Fire / Vegas In Autumn, Mafia Husband In Tow, Mommy May I, Terrapin, Telephone, Lots Of Chester, Starman, Sauce Party Hat, Claxxon's Lament, Vodka And Bottletops, Radio Cure, On Front Street Walk, Upward Mobility, Geronimus, Holy Rolls And Breakfast Bowls, Light On The Sailor, Henry Lee, Sing! Captain, Last Train To Satansville, Moonlight Reflects, 100%, Drain You, Sinking, Fallen Angel, Night Of The Vampires / Bela Lugosi's Dead, Ballet School Dropout, Saturday Night, Paranoid, Psycho Killer, The Fat Lady Of Limbourg, Please Excuse Me, and When The River Meets The Sea. I could have included "Chinatown" to end the last disc but it was still in unfinished / sloppy form at that point.

STEVE QUARANTA: WOW!!! I played Paranoid?

ME: With an extra verse from another song added to boot! "Boys Don't Cry", I think it was.

STEVE QUARANTA: I have NO memory of that!


JASON KUHN: "pay attention to me now. also brian, but mostly me."

ME: Mike Schmidt performances: whatever that 'I'm gonna save a little place for you in my imagination' song is called, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, The Weight, whatever that 'pieces of a new day, thinking that I might stay' song's called, 1993, Totally Sweet iPod, Me And My Guitar, Brand New Friend, tribute song to Shane Gooding, This Is The Single, Shav Yr Fro, some really long breakup song that you claimed was going to be the closer to an album, Totally Rockin' Summer, Kristin (The Laguna Beach Dream Song), Alone Nights, Mohammed's Radio, To Canaan's Land I'm On My Way, Alison, Into The Mystery, Back On The Chain Gang, Legend Of Love, Gold Soundz, Learn To Live My Life Without You, Lost Cause, some 'quiet guitar song', Wolverine, If I Lose, It's Only A Paper Moon, Unchained Melody, Waltzing's For Dreamers, Don't Dream It's Over, All I Want, Good, Friday I'm In Love, Corrina Corrina, Handle With Care, The Killing Moon, Romeo And Juliet, Ripple, Hysteria, Red Shoes, My Old School, Return Of The Grievous Angel, Only You, Armageddon It, a couple other breakup songs(?) that I labeled Lazy Melody Lazy Afternoon and Close The Door. Also, a lot of fucking good banter. Oh yeah, and Schmigarry performances: Bad Attitude, Mystical Bluegrass, Fuckbuddies, Handcuffed Latinos, Passionate 70's Blowjob / Schmigarry Mazda. 

MIKE SCHMIDT: Wow, thanks Nick! A bunch of those songs I had completely forgotten the existence of, and/or would have no idea how to ever play again. I would really love to get a copy of some of that stuff, if possible.

JASON KUHN: the boxed set is 61.3 hours of scarecrow dedicating his complaints about the NJ health system to "silver" and thomas jefferson.

ME: According to my Winamp, its' total time is 58 hours, 26 minutes and 7 seconds. Sadly, there are only two Scott Norman appearances. If I wanted even *less* of a life than I do now, I'd request 2005-07 recordings from you for more Scott. ;)  Nevertheless, these two quotes are priceless:"It was about as psychological as a broken arm. And believe me, some of the mental health professionals I encountered, I *should* have broken their arm." "I recently recontacted an individual on the internet. They kinda don't want to admit they're that person. I guess if you were the great love of my life, you wouldn't want to admit it either."

JASON KUHN: i assumed all 46 CDs would be crammed with 80 minutes of Jason Jensen saying ""

CASEY BRENNAN: One time I took a neurological drug that made me feel very gassy while lying in a field with my three communist friends Jacob silvers, Edith harts grove and an irish girl I will dedicate this next song too...

JASON JENSEN: Pretty sure you could make a 46-CD box set of us all covering "Into Your Arms" on 90's night, too.

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