Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mr. Green Vs. Blue Oyster Cult

Mr. Green at 'tine idol's wedding in June 2014 and at a block party in May 2013.

So I just realized today while listening to Blue Oyster Cult's Agents Of Fortune that my piano part in the instrumental "fight section" of Nark And Canen's "Mr. White" (a collaboration with Casey Brennan) rips off the midsection riff of terror from "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and immediately imagined myself in court being sued by BOC band members with my lawyer Dan The Serious Businessman trying to defend against the similarities while I'm in character as the creepy Mr. Green. I also imagined myself being mocked for my opinions on their catalog, like how I think Secret Treaties is possibly their weakest album of the 70's and putting down fan favorite "Joan Crawford" while liking blatantly campy, boneheaded or corny songs like "Goin' Through The Motions" and the totally self-parodic "The Marshall Plan". Also copying Brian Burks' hilariously wrong (though possibly jokey) observation that "Morning Final" was about a final exam (LOL) is pretty inexcusable too. I'd think their lawyers might also make fun of Mr. White's declaration in the song that the winner of the battle has to buy the other guy a stick of bubble gum.

Here's Dan with his side by side comparison. "Ours goes... and theirs goes..."

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