Monday, October 24, 2016

Relistening to the Lou Reed and Metallica collaboration from 5 years ago, it's even more horrifically awful than I remembered. It's an album I really want to like to go against the metal community who have overly rigid ideas of how albums should sound, and I will defend Load, Reload and a hypothetical St. Anger where the song lengths were cut in half as good, but not this one. Uninspired not even B-side worthy monotonous backing tracks + old man speaking "shocking" sexual lyrics = what may be the worst album I still own on CD.

I think the only half decent song on there is “Iced Honey”. “The View” is kind of amusing in a train wreck way at first with the 'I am the table..' thing but wears thin over repeated listens. Maybe if Grandpa had actually bothered to SING instead of TALK and Metallica themselves had made any effort to vary their backing even a bit...

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