Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sometimes I wonder what will come out of me if I become a lot more outgoing. Case in point - my encounter with a very pregnant and tired looking Laura Veirs after I saw her at World Cafe Live in 2010. I told her it wasn't very "rock star-ish" (ha!) to start off a set with "Carol Kaye", a kind of corny but still really catchy and charming ode to the prolific session bassist of the same name ("Good Vibrations", "Homeward Bound", etc.). I tried to save face by saying I was glad she played "To The Country" since it was my favorite, but the damage was done. ;)

Nevertheless, the ghosts must have came to her in a dream and said, "Please Nick Karn" since the tribute song to Alice Coltrane on her next album, "That Alice", totally rocked out and actually *would* be a very ideal set opener. Also collaborating with Neko Case, who I love as a secondary vocalist in the New Pornographers, in the Case / Lang / Veirs supergroup after that I'd like to think was another "please Nick" move.

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