Sunday, December 4, 2016

Excerpt from another crazy dream on Paxil: I was sitting on the couch with a random Facebook friend who was trying to decide where to edit two 8 minute songs on a non existent Wings album. She apparently had dangerous cat-like claws and tried to use them on me at quick unpredictable moments, apparently against her will since she was apologizing for it. Apparently Paul McCartney was also planning on coming to my parents' house while I was over at some point in a section of the dream. I think I was also freaking out about not getting enough attention for a posting a status on here about that couch encounter which I thought was funny (but now can't remember why). Wanting to throw my phone was probably involved, as was planning to run out at night in the snow and possibly much darker thoughts than that. I don't actually care if this status gets comments though... I'm just chronicling what I can remember of a dream and am too lazy to turn on the light and write about it in the notebook by my pillow. Back to sleep for me.

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